The Supes Ain’t Got Nothing on These Guys: A Look at the Best Characters in The Boys

The Boys isn’t your typical superhero show. It throws out the capes and tights for a gritty, satirical look at what happens when super-powered beings become corrupt celebrities. But beneath the blood splatter and social commentary, the show boasts a cast of phenomenal characters. Here’s a dive into some of the best:

Billy Butcher: Love him or hate him, Butcher is the heart of The Boys. Karl Urban brings a ferocious intensity to the role, perfectly capturing Butcher’s rage and determination to bring down Homelander. He’s a flawed character for sure, but his loyalty and willingness to go to any lengths for what he believes in make him undeniably compelling.

Hughie Campbell: The everyman of the group, Hughie is our entry point into the world of Supes and The Boys. Jack Quaid portrays Hughie’s transformation from mild-mannered accountant to reluctant hero with a relatable vulnerability. We root for Hughie as he grapples with loss, guilt, and the complexities of fighting against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Kimiko Miyashiro: Mute but far from powerless, Kimiko is a fan favorite. Karen Fukuhara’s stoic performance is a masterclass in nonverbal storytelling. Kimiko’s journey from a reluctant weapon to a valued member of The Boys is both heartbreaking and inspiring. Her quiet strength and developing emotional connections make her a character you can’t help but adore.

Homelander: The terrifying face of Vought International’s corruption, Homelander is a complex villain. Anthony Starr walks a tightrope, perfectly balancing Homelander’s charisma with his underlying sociopathic tendencies. We see glimpses of a scared, lonely child beneath the powerful hero persona, but that doesn’t excuse his horrific actions. Homelander’s descent into madness is both chilling and strangely captivating.

Mother’s Milk: Laz Alonso brings warmth and depth to Mother’s Milk, the moral compass of The Boys. He’s the voice of reason amidst the chaos, constantly reminding Butcher of their purpose and the innocent lives at stake. His unwavering loyalty to his friends and his genuine desire to do good make Mother’s Milk a character to root for.

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