Top franchises that got destroyed by identity politics and the woke agenda

Here is a list of movie franchises that some people believe were destroyed by identity politics and other wokeness-related issues. I have to admit that list includes myself. But keep in mind that this is simply my viewpoint and that there are always two sides to every issue.

Star Wars

Whoa, this is a big one. Luke Skywalker’s character arc felt like it was taken out with a lightsaber over the entire sequel trilogy. Is Rey the next Jedi? Fantastic! However, many fans felt offended when the heritage of the originals was overshadowed.

Ghostbusters (2016)

The first Ghostbusters movie was amazing! This reboot—well, let’s just say that it was more concerned with the characters’ genders than with really busting ghosts. felt as though a chance was lost.

Dark Fate, the Terminator

This one was just nonsensical. Although the tale felt disorganized and disjointed, they made an attempt to force this entire “women can be the new Terminator” theme in. It hurts to see a beloved film like Terminator end this way.

Men in Black International

This Men in Black revival just didn’t have the same enchantment as the originals, though perhaps it was more than identity politics. It seemed as though they were overly attempting to be “woke” and had forgotten to have fun.

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